Industrial Computers


Fanless Industrial Computers

Built with military grade components. Affordable.

Certified to meet IEC60068-2-27 standards for shock testing and durability.

Locking Removable Drive Bays designed to be swappable with removable hard drives and allow for easy data backups.

Features a Human Machine Interface that allows operators to monitor and control automated processes.

IP65 Sealed, waterproof, dustproof and shock resistant.

Designed to be tough & durable even in the most demanding environments.

IP65 sealed to be waterproof & dustproof. Shock resistant. In compliance with MIL-STD-810G (516.6-VI. Transit drop test.)

Dual hot swappable batteries. Integrated barcode scanner.

Boehringer Ingelheim
Canrig Oil
National Oilwell Varco
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Industrial PCs
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Industrial Grade Computers

Our industrial computers are designed for 24/7 use in extreme conditions. We offer an industrial lineup of Mini Rugged PCs, Industrial Panel PCs and an Industrial Tablet.

  • Zero-Maintenance Fanless Design
    Our proprietary passive cooling system is durable, noise-free, and doesn't require regular cleanings.
  • Handles Extreme Temperatures
    Reliable in Temperatures Up To 70°C / 158°F. Built to handle extreme temperature variations.
  • Shockproof & Vibration Proof
    Meets IEC60068-2-27 standards for shock testing and durability.
  • Support for Windows or Linux
    Windows 7, 8 or 10 and for several flavors of Linux.

3-5 Year Product Life Cycle

Original Design Manufacturer

Up to 5 Year Warranty

U.S. Technical Support


DRS Technologies, Inc.

They are good looking units, and are doing just what we purchased them for with no complaints.

-A.S., Lead Support Analyst
DRS Technologies, Inc.

Transform Automotive, LLC.

The Cybernet solution enabled us to do rapid deployment and reduce the PC footprint in the gauging area of our shop floor, while saving money in the process.

-S.H., System Administrator
Transform Automotive, LLC.

National Oilwell Varco

The objective was to allow the server to just do the data archiving while the PC does the rest, and the PC most definitely met that goal.

-A.Z., Senior Field Manager
National Oilwell Varco

About Cybernet

Cybernet US Headquarters

Since 1996, Cybernet has been the pioneer in high-performance, industrial grade PC technology. Cybernet's industrial PCs are made for 24/7 usage and have 3~5 year life cycles.

All Cybernet products are backed by industry award winning U.S.-based technical support and local RMA service in Irvine, California.

Cybernet operates globally with operations in the USA, United Kingdom, Taiwan, China, and Australia.

Features of Industrial Grade Computers

Industrial grade computers have many features not found in commercial grade computers. Industrial computers are built specifically for harsh environments and to meet the needs of manufacturing, factories, mining, transportation and other industries.

Shock & vibration proof

Shock & vibration proof

Cybernets' industrial computers are IP65 certified. They keep out water, other liquids, dust, particles and grime.

Waterproof; Impervious to dust and grime

Waterproof; Impervious to dust and grime

More durable. No noise. No need for regular cleanings.

RS232 ports for legacy peripherals

RS232 ports for legacy peripherals

Many manufacturing plants and factories still have legacy hardware. RS232 ports facilitate the use of legacy peripherals without loss of power.

Variable DC Input Voltage 12 - 24 Volts

Variable DC Input Voltage 12 - 24 Volts

Run your Cybernet industrial computer directly from a vehicle's battery, if necessary. This gives more flexibility in the use of our industrial computers such as in trucks or the field.

Industrial PC Benefits

iPC R1 Ports

Fanless Industrial PC

Because our Industrial PCs are fanless and sealed, not only do they resist dust, debris & fluids, but they are noiseless. Our Industrial Computers use a passive cooling system instead of fans to keep the temperature levels of the computer at a comfortable level.

An added benefit of this fanless design is the elimination of the humming emitted by PCs that use fans to cool the entire system down.

iPC R3 Ports

Our Industrial PCs Decrease Downtime

Since our Industrial PC design is fanless, there are fewer moving parts. Also, dust particles and other debris don't circulate within the computer system. This reduces the need for regular cleanings and increases the reliability of the Industrial Computer.

iPC R3 Side

The Industrial PC in Extreme Conditions

The industrial PC is built to withstand the conditions in rough environments.

Industrial Factory
The Production Floor in a Manufacturing Environment

The Industrial PC can handle dust particles, debris, liquids and other substances that would normally cause electronics to malfunction in a manufacturing environment.

Carbon Particles
Carbon Particles in the Automotive Industry

Carbon particles within the production environment can cause electrical problems with an ordinary PC.

Our Industrial PCs are sealed so the carbon particles are unable to have an impact on the electrical components.

Military Grade Computers

Military Grade Computers

Cybernet uses military grade components in all of its computers including our industrial computers. Our industrial grade computers are rugged, durable and reliable. We have used military grade components in our computers for over 20 years. Where consumer or commercial grade computers fail, our computers are known for their reliability.

Military Grade Capacitors

The military grade capacitors on our industrial computers protect the computer from power surges or power fluctuations. This is especially important where uninterrupted computing is essential. It also increases productivity as power surges have no impact on the computer's functioning.

Front View of an Industrial Computer

What is an Industrial Computer

An industrial computer is a Windows- or Linux-based computing platform for industrial applications such as data acquisition, Human-Machine and Machine-Machine Interface, process control, industrial automation and more. An industrial computer has extended connectivity options, a selection of ports including legacy, expansion slots – all customizable per application requests.

Industrial computers are rugged and are superior to consumer-grade computers in performance, capacity, durability & reliability, compatibility with industrial software and hardware, customization and upgrade options, and long-term supply availability.